WRITING: Doing Research…

Well, writing crime fiction is no picknick, especially if you try to stick as close as possible to reality and your protagonist is a free-lance assassin, but it got easier after I killed my first target and I’m still improving.

Apart from that I visited experts on the maintenance of saxophones, caring for macaws and repairing diesel engines; went to a shooting club to fire different handguns to get a feel for them; befriended hackers to explain to me how they scaled firewalls and extracted information from hospitals, police files and hotel registries; learned how to open locks with simple lockpicks; visited an institute for the blind, learned braille and walked around with my eyes taped shut for an entire day; smoked lots of doobie with Rastafarians; read countless books on obscure topics that might have a bearing on whatever I’m inclined to write about; befriended musicians so I could sit in on sessions; learned how to pick pockets; accompanied the police when they went to haul in a ‘water corpse’; rode motorcycles and Vespa motorscooters; and some other things I vowed to keep secret…

2 Comments on “WRITING: Doing Research…”

  1. Marie- Luise Richter says:

    Hey Mart! It is good to see those ol´ bones of yours have heaps of fun! Should I happen to visit you on my way back to Germany I hope you will welcome me once again – and show me that other side of life I haven´t had the fortune to come across with during my first visit! All the Best from OZ! And please remind me to check my pockets before we part, ay?


  2. […] written a couple of articles on suspense fiction research, but what does it take to become knowledgeable to a sufficient degree? If you want to write with […]


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