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Writing in a Dead World

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A few decades ago comedian Chevy Chase starred in the movie Funny Farm. A main component of the plot was that Chevy’s character was a journalist who retired to write a novel. In the film, he takes his wife to a hotel where he makes her read his completed work while he watches. When she reaches the end, she cries. The writing is so bad that she cannot believe they traded their dreams in on his potential writing career. Chevy’s character tries to explain to her “why” it is good and “why” it is funny, and finally just argues that she doesn’t understand “good” writing.

I don’t think any writer sets out to pen a bad or even just semi-good story. It’s not as if the general public is storming the kingdom for additional reading material. A book isn’t like making a knock-off of some famous designer brand. It takes…

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3 Comments on “Reblogged: We interrupt this story to bring you this Info-dump: Blogger Insights”

  1. SL Figuhr says:


    I found your site curtesy of writing in a dead world. I really enjoyed the interview. As one of those self-published authors, I liked the pet peeves section a lot. It has made me go back and see if I’ve committed any of those sins you mentioned.

    I’m looking forward to reading book one your Amsterdam Assassin series. I love books with strong females in them.


    • And? Did you commit those pet peeve sins? Or are you one of the rare birds like me who will research anything that can be verified?

      If you love strong female characters, I have no doubt you will like my series, although I have to warn you in advance: Katla’s profession skewed her attitude and world view in such a sense that she’s not always as easy to identify with as other female protagonists.


      • SL Figuhr says:

        Yes, I found I did, to my everlasting shame. The info dump being the biggest one. I used stomach when I really meant abdomen. The research part I seem to be half and half on.

        I love skewed attitudes! I might learn even more! Yay!


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