REVIEW: Sark, a sci-fi novella by Steve Price.

SarkSark by Steve Price
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While I enjoyed the cosmolocusts eating motherplanetship Narcoma and the ensuing flight and adventures in Turmoil Space, the story seemed too derivative of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 with Sark being a non-evil variety of HAL, and Turmoil Space on a par with Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

I didn’t read the Kindle edition, but I was provided a PDF by the author, which made for cumbersome reading on my iPad. I was unable to highlight the various editing errors, but the story would benefit from additional proofreading/editing.

Recommended to fans of Douglas Adams/Terry Pratchett.

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4 Comments on “REVIEW: Sark, a sci-fi novella by Steve Price.”

  1. Cathy DuPont says:

    Martyn…too bad that writers do not know the importance of proofing and editing. Typos are so very distracting and almost across the board for me, drop a notch in my ratings of the book. Was dumbfounded when I came across a typo in the book I’m reading now, Sebastian Junger no less, a nationally known author. And in the first five pages or so, there was an obvious typo.


    • I take more issue with misspelled words and bad editing than with simple typos. Of course one strives for zero typos, but that is virtually impossible in large novels. Sark is 140 PDF pages, so it’s a mere novella with several misspelled words and missing words. That makes for arduous reading, and reading shouldn’t be hard work.


  2. Cathy DuPont says:

    Hope there were no typos in my comment. I sure would look stupid!


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