Author Interview: Martyn V. Halm

An interview with the lovely Elaine White…

Vampires, Crime and Angels...Eclectic Me



I find the idea of your MC being the assassin really original. Was Katla always going to be your main character, or did you have someone else in mind? And if she was, why?


Well, I have a lot of characters in my head, all clamouring for attention, but Katla was always going to be the protagonist of the Amsterdam Assassin Series. Although Bram, her blind lover, is also a crucial part of the series. I’ve read several books where the assassin was the antagonist, but not many where the assassin is the protagonist. And if the protagonist is an assassin, they are often filled with remorse, unable to get out of the life, fatalistic and nihilistic. Katla is none of that. She really enjoys the autonomy of her work as a corporate troubleshooter arranging ‘fortunate accidents’. And I enjoy helping her find original and creative…

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