SHARING: Nica’s Art

Having children is one of the great joys of my life. I don’t share too much about them on this blog (I hope), but I have shared the story below in an answer on Quora concerning when a child can be considered a ‘creative genius’. I think my five-year old daughter Nica shows considerable talent, but I’d hesitate to call her a genius or even gifted. Nevertheless, the response on Quora to my answer was huge (28,000 views and 120 upvotes), even getting comments from people interested in buying her drawings/paintings.

Nica loves to draw and colour. A few of her works show that she has some talent in the direction of the creative arts. If you bear in mind that she’s came up with these drawings herself:

This Purple Cat drawing (made when she was four) she explained to me that up close you see dots, but when you look at it from a distance it’s a cat:

She had never heard of pointillism…

This robot drawing she made after her fifth birthday:

Which is reminiscent of the CoBrA movement, especially Corneille.

After showing these drawings on Quora, I got some requests from people about posting more of my daughter’s ‘art’, so I posted some more:

I’m the pirate on the left, with my eyepatch for glaucoma:

I have a lot of these random sketches. My daughter explained to me that this is the ‘Paas Mevrouw’ or Easter Lady:

Birthday Princess:


Police officer stopping a motorist at a zebra crossing for driving through a red light:

Fish Bowl with Tropical Fish:

Cat and house painting:

Sinterklaas on his horse, with his name written out on the back:

Nica in her car, with self-adhesive letters in the corner:

This is a ‘very fat rabbit’:

This is a machine for making candy:

Inspired by the animation series Peppa Pig:

I put up more of Nica’s Art on her own photo page: Nica’s Art


2 Comments on “SHARING: Nica’s Art”

  1. lupawolfgirl says:

    I love the Buddha Bunny.


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