Typecast: Street Writing in Amsterdam

Writing @ Amsterdam Oosterpark
My ultra-comfy Helinox camp chair, with the Street Writer canvas bag and the Gaston Lagaffe piggybank.
The 1955 Groma Kolibri @ Vapiano
The 1955 Olivetti Lettera 22 @ Oosterpark.
Writing examples with stickers and the Gaston Lagaffe piggy bank.
My favourite on the road machine, my 1964 Swissa Junior.

7 Comments on “Typecast: Street Writing in Amsterdam”

  1. Wonderful bit, thank you for sharing, I too have random nicknacks that show up on my desk or given to me, relating to typewriters, of course. I don’t mind the association at all. Keep at it, you’re an inspiration.

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  2. mcfeats says:

    Wonderful post, Martyn. I wish I had the focus to write in public. I also wish I had a Swiss Junior.

    Funny observation on the Lettera 22–too quiet!


    • Yes, I really love my Swissa Junior. I have a pica version from 1962, but it has a few idiosyncrasies (but a nice typeface). The 1962 has elite typeface and is in almost pristine condition.

      As to the Lettera 22, the sound is a muted click-clack that will go unnoticed if you’re five meters away (especially with street noise). The Groma and the Swissa are a bit louder, so they attract more attention. Usually that’s not what you want, but with street writing you want to make your presence known. But maybe I’ll bring the Lettera 22 when I have a job indoor. 😀

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  3. Davide says:

    Yes, the Lettera 22 is very quiet. I’m using it outdoor in my city Como for a photographic project (film camera + mechanic typewriter). But it is so fun to use!


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