REVIEW: My bullshit radar overheated…

The Trophy Taker (Detective Johnny Mann, #1)The Trophy Taker by Lee Weeks
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Seldom have I read a more ridiculous book than this concoction by Lee Weeks. Not just were the actions unbelievable, but dialogue is stale and awkward.

When near the end of the book the protagonist throws a ‘four-pointed throwing star measuring six inches in diameter’ twenty feet and decapitates a man, that’s when my bullshit radar overheated.

I threw the book twenty feet across the room into the waste-paper bin. Not recommended, 1/5. Should never have been published. The blurb alludes that Lee Weeks is ‘hailed as the female James Patterson’. I have no love for James Patterson, but compared to this book, his books are literary masterpieces.

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