Typecast essay: Incorrigible.

This is not how I usually transport my typewriters!

Typecast: Hello Gorgeous!

That ‘coule’ should be ‘couple’, of course.
Hello Gorgeous! My 1939 Hermes 2000
When you don’t have a manual, these mechanical margin stops are pretty hard to find, but they’re under the paper table which you can fold back gently.

Typecast: My Royal FP – Steampunk

Press the magic button and the machine opens to reveal its innnards…
1957 Royal FPS with Ransmeyer-Rodrian Imperial Elite typeface
Most FP serial numbers end with E for Elite or P for Pica, but this one had S for Special!
Close up of the typeslug with 84 and the Rodrian symbol I initially mistook for Royal. (And, yes, I cleared out the crud now. Jeez, don’t keep going on about it!)