Typecast: 1962 Swissa Junior

Such a stylish emblem!
The story continues after a few images:
Full glory, with the handsome little suitcase behind it.
Hey, that’s the same Wilhelm Tell crossbow as the one embossed on my Hermes 2000
And a couple of more images:
The Untangle Key on the right. You can see this is a Dutch keyboard, it has an ij key.
Couldn’t find the serial number until I shone a bright light through the keyboard. The first two digits of a seven-digit Swissa serial number give the year of production, so mine is from 1962.
For some reason, whenever I link a blog post, it selects the last picture in the post as the main picture and I think this picture is more interesting than the serial number picture…

8 Comments on “Typecast: 1962 Swissa Junior”

  1. John Maillet says:

    Yes that is a Sweet logo. Great find!

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  2. T. Munk says:

    yeah, what photo Facebook picks as the thumbnail can be bizarre. finally got my blog to work right in that respect, but TWDB itself seems to get a repair manual pic used instead of the machine thumbnail, despite meta tags specifying the right image, and the fact that the repair manual image is neither first nor last in page position. *sigh*..

    Anyway, nice pickup – I’ve got one of these that was sent to me by a fellow typospherian in Switzerland. Amazing machine (:

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    • I have a few portables, but none of them was as agreeable to being lugged around like this Swissa. My S&N Erika machines are too delicate and the rest is either too big, too heavy or the cases aren’t up to being used frequently. And the Olympia Splendid33 and the Tippas I have just feel flimsy compared to the Swissa. Great typer in a little package…


    • “Anyway, nice pickup – I’ve got one of these that was sent to me by a fellow typospherian in Switzerland. Amazing machine (:”

      Isn’t it the one from Retro Tech Geneva? He also posted the instruction manual, so I found out that the mystery key on the right side is an untangle key for jammed typebars.


  3. Richard P says:

    I have a Swissa too, and like it. They are rare with US keyboards. The Patria family includes “clones” made in France (Japy), Germany (Voss Privat), England (Oliver), and Spain (Patria, Amaya, etc.).

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    • Yes, I think I was lucky finding one with a QWERTY keyboard, but apparently they were not that rare in the Netherlands, because the ij key shows that it was clearly made for a Dutch owner and it has a Dutch dealer sticker on the back.


  4. […] If you want to know more about the Swissa Junior (and some of my other typewriters), you can find my blog article here.  […]


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